Our Story

Left Hand Book House (named after all the lefties in our home) and its premier series Let's Go! Baby were born out of necessity. In early 2022 my sports obsessed toddler asked for a basketball book. I searched high and low for something high quality and simple that I could get for him. Much to my surprise, I could not find a single thing that fit my needs.

There were a small handful of options, but they all felt a bit too complicated and detailed for a two year old. I had four kids by that point and knew at that age they loved to point at objects on the page and shout them out. I'd seen several simple picture books on farm animals, trucks, colors, and all other sorts of categories- surely there must be something like that for sports? Right?

Nothing. Nada. Nil.

I couldn't believe it! So I got to work. I set out to create something toddlers would love and that parents wouldn't mind displaying on their nursery bookshelves. After months of research, designing, re-designing, and lots of print samples...Let's Go! Baby came to life!

It is my greatest hope that these books, and all the ones to come, will be a fun resource for parents and caregivers to introduce their own little ones to the activities that they love!
  Thank you so much for being here and supporting our new venture. 

 -Danielle Wilson, Founder