Setting a good reading routine with your kids!


As a parent to four young kids, I understand how important it is to build a reading routine with them. We make reading a part of our daily routine by setting aside time every evening before bedtime to read together. It's a special time that we all look forward to, and it helps my kids wind down after a busy day.

When it comes to choosing books, I let my kids take the lead. We go to the library together and they have the freedom to browse and choose the books they want to read. Sometimes they have similar interests, but often they each have their own unique preferences, and I love seeing their individual tastes and personalities shine through in their choices.

Reading together is a great way for my husband and I to connect with all of our kids and create a shared experience. We take turns reading aloud, and encourage them to ask questions and make predictions about the story. It helps them to develop critical thinking skills and also makes the reading experience more interactive and engaging.

Building a reading routine with your young children can be a wonderful way to bond with them and instill a love of reading. By making reading a part of your daily routine, letting your kids choose the books, and reading together, you can create a special and meaningful tradition that will benefit your children for years to come!

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